Empathic Mimicry is the power to mimic a ability and then use it by thinking about how the person made you feel. Peter Petrelli had this power to absorb the powers of others and reproduce them at will.

Charakteriai, kas turi šią valdžiąEdit

Charakteriai, kurie turėjo šita gebėjimaiEdit

Charakteriai, kas turi šią valdžiąEdit

Atkurtų Gebėjimų sąrašasEdit

Precognitive dreaming- Andžela Petreli

Flight - Neitanas Petrelis

Precognitive painting - Isakas Mendezas

Space-time manipulation- Hiro Nakamura

Rapid Cellular Regeneration - Kler Benet

Telepathy - Metas Parkmanas

Telekinesis - Sailras

Invisibility - Claude Rains

Radiation Manipulation - Ted Sprague

Advanced human strength- Niki Sanders

Electrokinesis - Eli Bisop

Phasing - D.L. Havkinsas

Pyrokinesis - Flintas Gordonas Jr.

Perceptive Comprehension - Sailaras

Advanced human speed - Daphne Millbrook


Abilities edit

Power reproductionPrecognitive dreamingFlightPrecognitive paintingSpace-time manipulationRapid cellular regenerationTelepathyTelekinesisInvisibilityRadiation ManipulationAdvanced human strengthElectrokinesisPhasingPyrokinesisPerceptive comprehensionAdvanced human speedHealingPower TheftSuggestionEidetic MemoryCold and ice manipulationMemory blockingAdvanced human hearingLiquefactionClairvoyant DetectionTechnopathyChrysopoeiaSound ManipulationPsychometryMohinder's powerFlightAdvanced Human StrengthShapeshiftingSound SeeingTerrakinesis

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