First appearance Orientation
Gender Male
Occupation Former carnival worker
former knife show performer
Residence Sullivan Bros. Carnival (formerly)

Edgar is a member of the carnival clan and has the power to move extremely fast.

Character HistoryEdit

Season FourEdit

Volume FiveEdit

In volume five Thanksgiving, Lydia tells Edgar the truth about Josephs death, that Samuel killed him. Edgar then stands up and tells everyone that Samuel killed Joseph in the episode Thanksgiving at the table and Samuel says that Edgar is the one who killed Joseph, so Samuel lifts a rock with his power and is about to kill him while at the same time Edgar is ready to chop Samuel up. Then Hiro Nakamura freezes time and tells Edgar not to kill Samuel because Hiro is scared for Charlie's sake, and tells Edgar that sometimes you need to go away to fight another day.


Main and Minor Characters edit


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